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This is a self-directed residency for artists, crafters, poets, writers, photographers, sculptors, musicians.

It is ideal for individuals who have done other residencies and understand the process is one of self discovery..

Take a virtual tour of Wick:  Wick Farm Virtual Tour on Vimeo

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Artist In Residency

Awakenings at Wick is designed to embrace all those who have a deep connection to creating, to the earth and the power that sets you free through self expression. 

We want to welcome anyone to this self directed programme who needs the space and freedom to produce their next work.  

For more information about our 2 and 4 week residencies go to our application page.  

Awaken Your Inner Creator

The house and grounds have the most incredible warmth that takes you from inspiration to creation.

Move from the mediation garden to the labyrinth to deeply connect to the earth. 

For more information about local resource

Within house and studio areas there are hidden moments waiting to be discovered. 

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Education Partner

Unlocking creativity

We work with arts education partner, Spaeda, a charity based in Somerset, to inspire creativity at Wick Farm. To find out more email

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