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21.10.16 Art Barn 2 PH.jpeg
21.10.16 View of Hermitage with Pink Hat PH.jpeg

Creative Space

We want the house and grounds to be a living breathing legacy of those who have stayed. Artists have their rooms, a garage, an art barn, a yoga shala, a shepherds hut and a hidden hermitage for inside space. But the real draw is the 22 acres of fields, woodlands and gardens to discover and use as your canvas.

Nestle into the earth, calm your thoughts and be guided by the elements surrounding you to produce your artwork.

This isn’t a residency for those looking for white walls and a set space to work. It is up to you to form your own space to create your work. With this in mind we don’t offer pre-prescribe work spaces, we ask that you let us know the kind of space(s) you will need in your application. We encourage individuals to be guided by their intuition on arrival which may mean you share the space you end up working in (the art barn for instance).


Paint the walls and trees, carve your mark on the land, leave a mural; be courageous with the scope.  

Outside and inside spaces to discover

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23.05.04...Image six for side of spaces on Website.png
23.04.28...Image one for side of spaces on Website.png
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22.05.01 Green Room 2.jpeg



This room is up 2 flights of stairs in the front of the house and has 2 twin beds . It uses a shared bathroom. 

2024: £190 per week inc. creative space

22.05.01 Garden Room 1.jpeg


This room overlooks the garden with views of the woods at the top of Wick. It has a super king sized bed. This room uses the shared bathroom.

2024: £210per week inc. creative space

16.08.31 WF twin room first floor 1.jpg


This room overlooks the rear garden and has wonderful light and is spacious. It has 2 twin beds. This room shares the bathroom.

2024: £200 per week inc. creative space

22.05.01 Attic Room 1.jpeg


This is a large room at the top of the house. It has views of the garden. This room has 2 twin beds and is en suite with a shower.

This room has a discounted rate as other residents have access to the shower daily between the hours of 9am - 10am and 5pm - 6pm. This room doesn't have a door on the flight of stairs leading up to the bedroom.  

2024: £200 per week inc. creative space

22.05.01 Purple Bedroom 1.jpeg


This is a large bedroom with super king sized bed and en suite. It looks over the rear garden. 

2024: £250 per week inc. creative space

22.05.01 Upstairs Bathroom 1.jpeg


The shared bathroom with a hip bath and sink. This bathroom is shared with the garden room, blue room and green room. There is a toilet on the ground floor.

Shared Space On Ground Floor

22.05.01 Living Room 1.jpeg

Living Room Leading to Piano Room

The living room is a cosy space to sit in front of the fire and chill out. There is a tv in the living room. The piano room offers additional communal space.

22.05.01 Kitchen 4.jpeg


In the kitchen you will be allocated a shelf in the fridge and shelf space in the cupboard.

22.05.01 Hallway to Back Door 1.jpeg

Garden Access

There is a lovely light hallway giving access to the gardens.

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