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Awakenings at Wick is a self-directed, self-catered programme with a maximum of 5 artists per residency, 1 artist per room. We have created a unique environment that brings artists and aspiring artists together in a respectful shared space. We welcome all medium all we ask is that you bring with you the tools you require to create. Before applying please read our "Local Resources" page as it is important you understand how to get to/from the residency and around the local area while on your stay. We are set in a small hamlet near the town of Langport, Somerset UK.


As Awakenings at Wick is a self-directed self-catered programme all applicants must come with the understanding that they need to work productively independently. Students are welcome to apply but must either be mature students or doing their post graduate studies. The structure of this residency doesn’t suit younger students.


Download and complete the application form and return with a signed copy of The Four Agreements. Once we receive your application, the team will review it and let you know if you are through to the next stage which is to contact your referees. 

Apply for either a 2 or 4 week stay, as below.


For April only, you can apply for a 2 or 3 week stay. 

2024 Residency Dates

3 WEEKS: Monday 15 April - Tuesday 7 May 

2 WEEKS: Monday 22 April - Tuesday 7 May 

4 WEEKS: Monday 13 May - Sunday 10 June

2 WEEKS: Monday 13 May - Sunday 26 May 

2 WEEKS: Tuesday 28 May - Sunday 10 June 


4 WEEKS: Monday 17 June - Sunday 14 July

2 WEEKS: Monday 17 June - Sunday 30 June

2 WEEKS: Monday 1 July - Sunday 14 July


4 WEEKS: Monday 22 July - Sunday 18 August

2 WEEKS: Monday 22 July - Sunday 4 August 

2 WEEKS: Monday 4 August - Sunday 18 August 


4 WEEKS: Tuesday 27 August - Sunday 22 September 

2 WEEKS: Tuesday 27 August - Sunday 8 September 

2 WEEKS: Monday 9 September - Sunday 22 September


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